Dr. Patricia O’Gorman, Ph.D

patricia o'gorman, ph.d - author, psychologist, coach on women and resilience

Dr. Patricia O’Gorman, Ph.D is an internationally-recognized public speaker known for her warm, funny, and inspiring presentations, coach, psychologist, and a consultant to Lifescape Solutions in Delray Beach, Florida. She is noted for her work on women, children of alcoholics, and trauma, in the child welfare, mental health, and substance abuse systems. She has private practice offices in: Saranac Lake, NY 12983 at 118 Main St., and Albany, New York 12208 at 233 New Scotland Ave.

She was one of the first researchers in children of alcoholics in the early 1970’s, documenting the impact of alcoholism and sobriety on adolescent development, and went on in 1974 to create the Department of Prevention and Education for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). She has served as an international consultant to organizations in preventative and clinical strategic planning.

Dr. O’Gorman is a co-founder of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, where she serves on the Advisory Board, and has held positions ranging from Clinical Director of a child welfare agency, Executive Director of an agency serving mostly female survivors of crime and abuse, to Director of the Division of Prevention for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). She is currently Chairperson of the Advisory Board of Horses Healing Hearts (HHH), Inc. a nationally recognized equine therapy program for children of alcoholics located in Delray Beach, Florida.

She is a veteran of numerous television appearances, including Good Morning America, Today, and AM Sunday and the author of numerous articles in magazines including Addiction Today, Counselor, and Recovery.

Her newest book, her second on women and resilience, is The Resilient Woman: Mastering the 7 Steps to Personal Power. Through the development of the concept of girly thoughts, Dr. O’Gorman brings to the topic of women and how they build resilience in the face of hardship, the same type of seminal thinking that she used to help create the Children of Alcoholics Movement. Her first book on women and resilience is Dancing Backwards in High Heels: How Women Master the Art of Resilience.

With Phil Diaz, she is the co-author of:

With Peter Finn, She is the co-author of:

  • Teaching about Alcohol

Their newest book is Healing Trauma Through Self-Parenting: The Codependency Connection.  Dr. O’Gorman  brings to the topic of Trauma and Co-Dependency, the same type of seminal thinking that she used to help create the Children of Alcoholics Movement.

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